Our Organization

Wild4Ever is an all-volunteer conservation foundation with the simple goal of protecting and preserving wildlife and wild areas for the benefit of the animals and the people who appreciate them. We target projects where the money goes directly to help the animals in the field. We support dedicated conservationists who are determined to make a difference. We look for projects that include education to promote our conservation efforts and garner support for continued conservation long after our projects are completed.  Our flagship animal is the jaguar. By conserving a top predator, we conserve all the animals and plants in its range. We also support all other wildlife and projects worldwide as well as locally, since conservation should begin at home. We support a number of local wildlife rehabilitation organizations in our own community as well as conservation efforts across the country.  Wild4Ever provides no-cost medical services to hundreds of injured wildlife cases every year.

We strive to raise awareness of animals in crisis around the world.  We are a small foundation and our overhead is kept to a bare minimum.  We are not a facility, there is no paid staff, no administrative fees and no rent.  Most supplies, equipment and services are donated whenever possible.  Simply put, we raise funds to help animals.  With your help, we can do more!  Volunteers are essential to the continued success of Wild4Ever.  If you would like to help out at one of our events or donate services or supplies, send us an email at info@wild4ever.com.  You can also sign up for our mailing list or donate now to help us continue to work towards a better future.  This world is ours to protect for future generations.

 “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”   John  Bunyan