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Share Your Memories Of Your Loved Ones

Create a lasting memorial and remembrance of a beloved family member, friend, or pet by contributing in their name to save the wild areas and wildlife of the world.  What could be a more fitting, important, or lasting testament to what your loved one means to you? All donations go to the field to help dedicated individuals and groups worldwide to protect what we hold dear.

  • A $5 donation lists your loved one’s name, and yours if you desire, on our annual memorial register.  Remembered4Ever is linked to the Wild4Ever website to show how your donation is working in their memory.
  • $10 donation adds your love one’s photo to the rememberance and to the annual register. Your memorial can be renewed annually to preserve your loved one’s memory on Remembered4Ever.
  • A $20 donation lists your loved one’s name, your name, uploads a photo along with a personal message (up to 100 words) about your loved one from you.

Your recipient will receive a memorial card stating that a contribution has been made in their name from you.   If you would like to add a photo, email picture to  Once your contribution has been received, your memorial listing will appear on our “Memorials” page.   Please allow 1-2 weeks for your memorial to be created.  All photographs and text will be proofread for content and will remain the property of Wild4Ever.

Memorial information may be submitted online or mailed along with your contribution to:
Wild4Ever Memorials
4873 Richland Ave

Norton OH 44203