Anti-Poaching Protection

Wildlife trafficking and poaching have become such a tremendous threat to wildlife that many species are facing extinction.  Wildlife is at the mercy of sophisticated organized crime groups with high powered weapons.  The demand for rhino horn and ivory is very high creating an enormous profit for wildlife trafficking.  So, what can we do to help?

Wild4Ever is sponsoring UAV or “drone” protection for wildlife in South Africa.  Drones can spot potential threats from the air, day or night, and relay the information to ground units and rangers before a tragedy occurs.  There is no other capability that compares to this for wildlife protection.  We are thrilled to be a part of this exciting project and hope to continue our air support in the future, or until the threat is gone.  You can help us sponsor air support by selecting the African Wildlife campaign on our donation page.

In addition to air support, Wild4Ever supports wildlife rangers on the ground.  Rangers are the first and most important defense to wildlife poaching.  They work on the front lines against heavily armed, ruthless gangs in harsh, uncomfortable conditions.  They are fighting a war against wildlife and their lives are at risk every day.  Without rangers, our wildlife doesn’t stand a chance.  We can help supply them with adequate, basic equipment so that they have the tools to protect more animals from poaching.  You can help us support wildlife rangers in Africa click here.




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