Local Wildlife Preservation

Wild4Ever is proud that its primary focus is on the preservation of local wild habitats along with the support of local conservation issues and animal sanctuaries.  We are pleased to support Metro Parks Serving Summit County, Stark Parks, Friends of the Metro Parks, Medina Raptor, Project Orphan, Happy Trails Sanctuary and Noah’s Lost Ark sanctuary among others.  In addition, Wild4Ever supports the annual medical care and rehabilitation of hundreds of injured native wild animals.

coyote_radiotrack   coyote_GPS_collar   coyote_anesthesia   spotted_eating

wildlife_duck_injury   snapping_turtle_feeding_tube   eagle_5_post-op_physical_therapy   box_turtle_endoscopy

falcon1   falcon3_release   eagle3_bandage_change   wildlife_bald_eagle_treatment

eagle6_release   Salamander_ecology_tracking_project_University_of_Akron   bats2   spotted_priot_to_transmitter

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