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News & Events | Wild4Ever

Bi-National Jaguar Conservation Effort

Known for their power, strength, and beauty, jaguars once roamed much of the southern United States. Those days are long gone. Habitat loss and indiscriminate killing has resulted in the jaguar being critically endangered throughout its historic homeland. Luckily, a group of people are trying to help. Dedicated conservationists from the USA and Mexico saw […]

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Stark Parks Avian Flight Cage

               The new flight cage at Sippo Lake Park!  Wild4Ever contributed $30,000.00 to build a large indoor flight facility for our cooperative wild bird rehabilitation program with Stark Parks’ new Wildlife Conservation Center.  This flight cage will provide songbirds and raptors the space required to fly indoors as they regain […]

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Porter With A Purpose

Join Terrestrial Brewing Co. and The Greater Cleveland Aquarium for a Free Admission event to support Spotted Turtle Conservation.  Educational “toasts”, raffle, auction, food & more!  Visit Splash Fund Event for more information or download the info below: SpottedTurtleBeer_TerrestrialBrewingFriendraiser  

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Philippine Turtle Crisis

On June 18 over 4,000 turtles were confiscated from poachers in Palawan as they were about to leave their native island.  The turtles were destined for the illegal food and pet trade markets of East Asia.  Approximately 3,800 of the turtles are critically endangered Philippine Forest Turtles – more than were suspected to exceed the wild population.  Many turtle specialist […]

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Conservation Center Fire

On February 15 an electrical fire destroyed the waterfowl enclosure at Nature’s Nursery in Whitehouse, OH.  Luckily, none of the animals were were injured, but the waterfowl enclosure was a complete loss.  Wild4Ever, along with many other donors, contributed funds to this emergency campaign to help the center rebuild the waterfowl enclosure.  We were happy to be able to help out our local wildlife neighbors and wish them the […]

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Anti-Poaching Protection

Wildlife trafficking and poaching have become such a tremendous threat to wildlife that many species are facing extinction.  Wildlife is at the mercy of sophisticated organized crime groups with high powered weapons.  The demand for rhino horn and ivory is very high creating an enormous profit for wildlife trafficking.  So, what can we do to help? Wild4Ever is sponsoring UAV or “drone” protection for wildlife in South Africa.  Drones can spot […]

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Future Conservationists

The SCOPE Academy and teacher Anne Reiman invited Wild4Ever to speak to the preschool class about wildlife and conservation.  The kids took a special interest in spotted turtles and even held their own fundraiser for our ongoing Spotted Turtle Project.  The students raised nearly $300 selling wristbands and also presented us with some very special artwork.  Many thanks to the SCOPE Academy and these very special conservationists of tomorrow!             […]

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WildNite4WildLife ALL PROCEEDS PRESERVE AND PROTECT NORTHEAST OHIO WILDLIFE In Association With: Greater Cleveland Aquarium Cleveland Metroparks Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Geauga Park District Cleveland Museum of Natural History Cuyahoga Valley National […]

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Bat Condo

Wild4Ever, with the help of Metro Parks, Serving Summit County funded the construction of a condominium for a local bat population. The condo was placed on private property in Geauga County and will serve as maternity roost for thousands of big and little brown bats who raise their young together in colonies during the summer. […]

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Local Wildlife Preservation

Wild4Ever is proud that its primary focus is on the preservation of local wild habitats along with the support of local conservation issues and animal sanctuaries.  We are pleased to support Metro Parks Serving Summit County, Stark Parks, Friends of the Metro Parks, Medina Raptor, Project Orphan, Happy Trails Sanctuary and Noah’s Lost Ark sanctuary […]

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