Philippine Turtle Crisis

On June 18 over 4,000 turtles were confiscated from poachers in Palawan as they were about to leave their native island.  The turtles were destined for the illegal food and pet trade markets of East Asia.  Approximately 3,800 of the turtles are critically endangered Philippine Forest Turtles – more than were suspected to exceed the wild population.  Many turtle specialist groups and conservation organizations quickly assembled and reached out to the wildlife community requesting assistance in raising funds for medications, triage, nursing care, supplies and transportation.  Wild4Ever quickly responded by sending enough injectable antibiotics to treat hundreds of sick and injured turtles.  In addition to our contribution, The Med-Shop Total Care Pharmacy in Longview, TX generously matched our order effectively doubling the amount of medications sent to help treat the Philippine turtles.

Turtles Confiscated Turtles.  Photo Credit:  The Turtle Conservancy

As of June 29,  2,828 turtles were released and another 1,000 would still need antibiotic treatments.  It was an amazing effort on the part of the staff and rescuers on location treating and returning the turtles to the forest.  Many organizations and individuals came together to assist in this crisis and were are pleased to have been a part of it.  There is still much to do to save the remaining turtles.  Visit Turtle Survival Alliance to read more on this story.

PTR_Tazicef2a    PTR_tubefeeding    PTR_ForestTurtlea    PTR_leytensisfeelingbetter2

PTR_leytensiswaitfortreatment    PTR_SKbucketofleytensis    PTR_ExamsTreatmentsa    PTR_leytensisinholdingpond_a

Photos Courtesy Sheena Koeth/Turtle Survival Alliance

Many thanks to the Med-Shop for matching and organizing our shipment of Tazicef to TSA.  And to all of you for supporting our efforts.  Your donations make it possible for us to continue to help imperiled wildlife.

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